Should Your Company Be Giving Away Free Custom T-Shirts Too?

If you could have your company brand being seen by hundreds - maybe even thousands - of new people every single day, you'd be ludicrous to not jump at such an opportunity. While giving away free pens at the local trade show, or sticking your business card on every bulletin board you come across have been considered to be good marketing tactics previously, times have changed and those same pens and business cards are often being thrown out or at the very least, ignored. However, there is a surefire way to come back from it all. You've seen stacks of them on tables, being thrown into the audience at your favourite concert and simply being displayed across town. T-Shirts; and not just any ole t-shirt but free custom t-shirts for your customers, random people you see on the street, your friends, your coworkers... Everyone. It's the trendiest way to bring a lot of benefits to your company, and here are some of the best reasons as to why companies are giving away free t-shirts - and why you should be too!

People Love Free Stuff

There's no point in beating around the bush here; people love receiving free things but even more so when that item is practical. Forget about those pens with your logo printed on the side. Do people even use pens anymore? Companies are now starting to see how the value of a practical free item can bring a copious amount of success coming back their way because people (your customers) feel appreciated which promotes brand loyalty. Now, the kicker is that so many companies are taking advantage of giving out free shirts, so you can't skip out and must opt for the high quality cottons. After all, you want people to wear their free t-shirts everywhere they go. So, make sure you're they are worth it with nice fabrics and flawless screen print.

Building Customer Loyalty

Speaking of customer loyalty, this is an entire reason and benefit in itself with regards to why companies are giving away free custom t-shirts. When your customer feels appreciated, they are more likely to share their story and experience that they had with your company, with others, and this provides you with an abundance of new potential customers. Word of mouth is by-far one of the best kind of referrals a company can receive, and if a free t-shirt can bring just that, then it's time for you to head on over to the screen printing.

Creating Brand Recognition

You want your customers, new, old and potential, to be able to see something of yours and know that it is from your brand. This is called brand recognition and giving away free custom t-shirts can be a surefire way to achieving this. Don't forget about your staff with this one though as brand recognition truly does start within the 4 corners of your office as the t-shirts can give reference to who is on the staff, and even give your customers the feeling that they, too, are part of the team.

People Are Your Billboard

Think of it like this; you could spend thousands of dollars to appear on one large billboard that only people who drive past that area will see your advertisement, or you can spend significantly less at a screen printing company, and have your advertisement basically walking around all day-everyday and in all corners of the world (if your customer base is that vast). Assuming that you have opted for some geniusly designed custom t-shirts, people will see someone wearing one and immediately want one themselves. So, what do they do, you ask? They head on over to the branded logo and take a look at your site; and hey, maybe with a purchase of your service they get a free shirt and everyone's a happy camper. Basically, it gets them curious about your company and searching for it.

There's No One Outcasted

As a company, you certainly don't want to outcast anyone and giving away free custom t-shirts is something that is globally appealing. Who doesn't need a t-shirt. Whether it's to head to the gym in, or to wear to run errands, or to wear on a daily basis because you opted for an incredible design at your screen printing company, every single person can appreciate a nice t-shirt; and a free one at that.

Forget about giving away free petty items. No one wants them and they won't get the attention you're hoping for. Get some custom t-shirts made and start handing them out, The benefits will follow. Spread the word about your company and start your design order today!


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