On a sunny Dunedin day in 2009, an old door caught the eyes of Chris and Jon. Being creative types, they saw an opportunity here — a chance to create their first manual screen printing machine and begin printing their own t-shirts. The first self-printed tees for their fashion label Moodie Tuesday came out surprisingly well. So well that people started sending work their way. With opportunities knocking at their door, the boys saw a future. Printing t-shirts was alright, so they bought their first four-colour, one-station manual carousel. After printing 2,000 tees in two weeks, it was time to upgrade again. We’ve come a long way since then.


We are creators, innovators, and champions of sustainable and exceptional merchandise. Our goal is to bring brands to life through beautifully crafted products that are desirable, enduring, and don’t cost the environment.



We align with those who value quality and doing the right thing.


We champion sustainable methods.


A love for our craft is at the heart of all that we do.


We lead by taking action – and encourage others to do the same.


  • Chris - Co-owner & Production Manager

    Often the first through the doors in the morning, Chris is Print Room's sprightly Production Manager. With a vocational background as varied as the spots on a leopard, Chris is a good chap to talk to when you want something done.

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  • Jon - Co-owner & Account Manager

    The bubbling of the office SodaStream is a clear sign the Print Room’s Key Account Manager Jon Thom is in the building. Bed, brunch, beach and beers are all part of Jon’s life, but what else get’s him going?

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  • Tom - Head Screenprinter

    The hands behind the prints – Tom is the Print Room’s steady screenprinting hands. Talk to him about anything and you’ll have a nice time. He might not host too many dinner parties, but streuth would he enjoy a trip to Ireland with a long-black drinking quiz team!

  • Anna - Key Account & Office Manager

    After living in London and Amsterdam then travelling around Europe in a self-converted campervan, Anna is back to Ōtepoti as Print Room's Key Accounts and Office Manager.

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  • Ali - Account Manager

    A growth spurt of significant proportions, a dinner party with J. Cole, Derrick Rose and Jerry Lorenzo, and an environmentally friendly clothing brand is all on the cards for Print Room's account manager and Social Committee President - Ali.

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  • Jessie - Account Manager

    Find yourself at a dinner party with Jessie and you'll more than likely be dining on traditional tofu and vege dumplings and downing a soy latte or two. You’ll also find Jessie whipping through enquiries as one of Print Room's esteemed account managers.

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  • Joe - Inwards & Dispatch Manager

  • Josh - Screenprint Production Tech

    An avid smoko participant, a moody coffee consumer Print Room's Josh can be found in the screenprint department.

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  • Sophie - Embroidery tech

    If you were ever to find yourself at the Print Room early one morning, you would hear the “soothing” sound of the embroidery machine humming away in full swing – that's our Embroidery Specialist, Sophie, making hay while the sun rises.

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  • Rosa - Production Team

    If she isn't floating around Print Room catching garments or helping dispatch orders, you can find Rosa photographing gigs, spending time with friends and eating good food.

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  • Caitlin - Account Manager & Production Team

  • Alice - Embroidery Tech

    Multitalented Alice glides around the embroidery and sewing machines during the week and perfects her twizzles at the ice skating rink on the weekend. With a love for the Botanical Gardens, she's ready for some teleportation adventures.

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