We don’t just provide a printing and embroidery service, we’ve also created a range of ordering systems to make the ordering process simple. Find out more below, along with information about the production process.




  • 1. Submit a quote on our website.
  • 2. Submit your artwork and select your garment(s) using the quote form.
  • 3. We'll send you a visual mockup and updated quote within 24 hours.
  • 4. When you’re happy with the proof we’ll send for final approval through our e-sign service.
  • 5. Choose your ordering method.

Choose the ordering method that best suits you.


Wholesale Web Store

We build your business a password protected web store, with all of your merchandise on it. To order, you select the products and quantities you require and check out. You can either pay using credit/debit card or pay nothing initially and receive an invoice for the 20th of the month following. Your order will arrive within 7-10 working days.
It's as easy as that.

Custom Online Store

Our custom online store is perfect for sports teams/clubs, school leavers gear and charities. It saves the organiser the time and hassle of collecting money and size details. We set the store up with your products on it and customers purchase directly from us. We have the store open for 2-3 weeks before we close it to produce all the orders and dispatch them with 7-10 days.

Bulk Order Sheet

Traditionally, this is the most common way customers have ordered. You advise us of how many units you require in each size and we add this to the proof for you to check over and approve. We then send all the garments to you.

  • Once your order is signed off on, we allow 7-10 working days for production and dispatch before it arrives with you.
  • We will supply you with a tracking link to track your order’s courier progress
  • You'll receive a text message an hour out from delivery to give you the option to redirect your order to another address.


What is your standard turnaround time?

Our turnaround time is usually 7-10 working days from when the final proof has been signed and we have received payment in full. Depending on our schedule, we may be able to get your order through faster than this. We will be able to give you an estimated delivery date when you place your order, this may be subject to change (for example, due to stock availability). If you require a rushed order, we can accomodate this for an additional cost, but it is dependent on our workload at the time of your order.

Can I supply my own garment to get custom printed or embroidered?

No, we don't print on garments supplied by our customers as we can't guarantee the print quality. We have a wide range of brands and garments that we offer you at wholesale prices. We can supply everything from casual apparel, uniforms, merchandise, hospitality, sportswear, school leavers gear and workwear. If you can't find the product you're after on our website, drop us an email and we will most likely be able to find something for you.

What is the largest print area you can print?

For blank t-shirts, we can screen-print up to 380mm high x 350mm wide (adult sized t-shirts only). For an oversized tea towel screen-print we can print up to 600mm high x 400mm wide. Artwork scaled to fit on men's or unisex garments may have to be reduced to fit on women and children's sized garments.

Do I have to pay a setup charge?

Screen print
In order to screen print your artwork, we need to create a silk screen for each colour of your artwork. When we price your custom screen print job, we incorporate the screen setup fee into the per unit price, instead of charging the setup separately. If you are planning another print run with the same artwork in the 3 months following the first run, we will keep your screens so that you don't have to pay a setup fee the second time round. Once the screen is setup with your artwork, it remains the property of The Print Room. See below the file types we require when creating your screens.
Find out more about screenprint here. 

The quality of an embroidered artwork is due mostly to how well it has been digitised. Digitising is the process where an artwork is converted into a coded file that directs our embroidery machine where to stitch. We leave the digitising of our artworks to the pros and outsource it. Setup fees for embroidery are a one-off, once we have the file setup it’s good to be used over and over, but if you need the file edited there will be a file editing fee. Digitised artworks remain the property of The Print Room.
Find out more about embroidery here.

There is a flat rate setup fee of $50 +GST for Supacolour. It doesn't matter how many colours or how big your artwork is, the setup fee stays the same.
Find out more about Supacolour here.

Do you offer one-off print samples? 

Screen print
We can do one-off screen printed samples, but it's pretty pricy and we only really do it if customers specifically request a sample before printing an order of 1000 units or more. The setup process doesn't change for a one-off sample, so we still have to set up a screen for each artwork colour and then arrange and align the screens on our printing machine, which is a time consuming process. Our expert design team works hard to ensure that our digital proofs show your artwork accurately placed and scaled on the garment, so you get a visual of how the garment will look once printed.

Once the artwork has been digitised we always run a sample stitch out before starting production. This gives us an opportunity to make any changes to the file and to make sure it runs out as it should. At this point, we can send a photo or the physical sample to you if requested. Typically, if we're happy with the stitch out we will go ahead with production.

Unfortunately, we can't create one-off Supacolour samples. We can send through a photo or courier one unit to you before printing the bulk of your order to check that you're happy, but there are extra costs associated with this service.

What ink types do you offer? 

We are super proud to be one of the only print shops in Australasia to use only water-based inks. This is a big point of difference for us in the industry. Not only are our inks much better for the environment and safer for our staff to use, but they leave a much softer hand-feel and are priced the same as plastisol inks. A win, win, right? We offer a range of specialist inks including; glow in the dark, multi-chrome ink, woven ink, fluro ink, metallic ink, foil finishes and many, many more. To read more about the different inks we offer, click here. 

What is your minimum number of units I can order?

Our minimum order quantities are based on the embellishment method and type of garment you choose, see these below:

Screen Print
T-shirts: 24 units for a 1 to 4 colour print, front or back. 50 units for a 5+ colour print, front or back print.
Sweaters: As above.
Tea towels: 50 units for a 1 - 3 colour print. 100 units for a 4-6 colour print.
Tote bags: 50 units.

Our minimum for embroidery is 12 units.

We may still be able to complete your job if you can't meet the minimums, but extra charges will apply. We have minimum order quantities to make jobs cost-effective for us and the client. As order sizes increase, we can spread our setup costs across more garments making each individual garment cheaper.

Do you charge for shipping or is it free?

We love that we can be based in the lower South Island and work with clients from all over the country. We’ve worked hard to create online systems that make it easy for customers to get in touch and order. As a wee added incentive, shipping on all orders over $300 is on us!

What type of file do I need to provide you?

Making sense of all the different file types can be tricky, but we've got you covered. We've created a guide that'll take you through how to set up your file for screen print, embroidery and Supacolour.

Have a look here.

What is a Pantone colour? 

The Pantone colour range is an internationally recognised colour mixing system. If you don't know the Pantone colours of your artwork, we can find and supply you with the best matches. If you do know your Pantones, it's important to supply us the Pantone Solid Coated colour code; this is the sub-category of colours we print with.

We don't charge you any extra to mix and create your Pantone colour. To see the full range of Solid Coated colours, click here.

If you've got an embroidery job for us and know your Pantone colour, you can convert the Pantone into a Madeira thread colour here.

Is there a limit on the number of colours I can have in my design?

This all depends on the embellishment technique you choose.

Our M&R Carousel can print up to six different colours. If you have an artwork or design that has more colours than this, ask our staff if we can reduce it to 6. We can often reduce the numbers of colours by using a spot simulation process, CYMK process or by using halftones to create different shades and gradients.

For embroidered designs, we can use up to 12 different colours. The number of colours you use doesn't affect the price of your embroidery, but the size of the artwork does. The reason for this is the larger the artwork, the more stitches required to stitch it out, which in turn takes longer for the embroidery machine to complete.

You can have as many colours as you want with Supacolour. We can print anything from a photograph to finely-detailed, multicolour design. The main limitation is that the edge of the artwork is a hard line, so you cannot print gradients or shadows around the edge.

I'm interested in a product that I cannot find on your website, can you source it? 

Yes of course! We have access to thousands of different retail and wholesale products, but only have a small selection on our website so you don't get too overwhelmed. We have access to high end retail brands, through to specialist wholesale garments ready to be embellished. Even better, we can purchase these products at wholesale rates and pass this discount onto our customers.

To get your quote underway, click here. If we do not have the product you require on our quote form, just select 'other' and type in the product you need. Then one of our friendly team can respond with a quote and visual mockup.

What if I don't have any designs, can you help? 

That's not a worry. If you need a hand creating your artwork our design team is happy to help you out. We also have a wide range of templates that you can use at no cost. To check out this service, click here. 


  • Submit a quote on our website.
  • Submit your artwork and garment details using the quote form.
  • We'll send you a visual mockup and quote within 24 hours.
  • Once you are happy with the quote you sign our easy online proof.
  • Then choose your ordering method.


Choose the ordering method that best suits you.

Dropship & Fulfilment 

We have developed a dropship and fulfilment service called The Merchery. This is where we print and package your products into individual parcels. Then we integrate an API into your e-commerce store to recieve notifications when a customer purchases that product. We then ship it out so you don't have to worry about a thing. We also create a tracking page with your business' branding on it.

Wholesale Web-Store

We build your business a custom store with all of you merchandise products on it. It is password protected so the public cannot access. To order, you choose the products and quantities your require then check out. You can either pay using credit/debit card or pay nothing and receive and invoice for the 20th of the month following. Your order will arrive within 7 - 10 working days.
As easy as that.

Retail Online Store

Our Retail online store is perfect for sports teams/clubs, School Leavers Gear and charities. It saves the organiser the time and hassle to collect money and size details. We set the store up with your products on it, then customers purchase it directly off us. We have the store open for 2 - 3 weeks, then we close the store and produce all the orders and dispatch them with 7 - 10 days of the store closing.

Bulk Order

Traditionally this is the most common way customers have ordered. You advise us of how many units you require in each size and we add this to the proof for you to sign off. We then send all the garments to you.


  • Once your order is signed off it will take between 7 - 10 days before it arrives with you.
  • You will get an email with tracking information as soon as it leaves our door.
  • You will receive a text message one hour out from delivery to give you the option to redirect the order.
  • We keep your order details to make ordering your next order super easy.


At Print Room, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Our biggest point of difference is the environmentally friendly, water-based inks that we offer, opposed to the industry standard; plastisol inks (thermoplastic inks). We also offer a range of eco-friendly and sustainably made products. When working with us, you have the opportunity to support brands that align with our sustainable vision. Across the factory we have implemented reduce, reuse and recycling practices. We believe in continual improvement and are constantly looking to innovative and improve on current industry practices.


Find out more here.