The breezy charm of New Zealand is no secret, with its lush landscapes and native bush serving as the backdrop to the highlight reels of many travellers and Hollywood flicks. Yet, amid the everyday bustle, a revolution has been unfurling thanks to the green-thumbed alliance between One Tree Planted and Print Room. Both determined to cloak the Aotearoa in a green embrace.



One Tree Planted, a not-for-profit, is as straightforward as its name. For every dollar that rolls in, a green sprig shoots up somewhere across the globe. Their vision is to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees.


Native forests once blanketed over 80% of Aotearoa—tall evergreen and hardwood trees such as kauri, rata, rimu and podocarpus species. Today, indigenous forests cover around 25% of Aotearoa. Often in patches and fragments outside of protected areas. Where these forest ecosystems remain intact, they support unique flora and fauna communities, including many endemic bird species such as kererū wood pigeons, kākā parrots, pīwaiwaka and tui.


Logging and land clearance have taken their toll on much of Aotearoa's native forests and their biodiversity. It's impacted lowland forests, significantly reducing some forest types. Today, the greatest threats to our indigenous forests come from damage caused by the spread of invasive species, the fragmentation of forest habitats and the lack of intact forest buffers between them.


Collectively, we can restore forests, create habitats for biodiversity, and make a positive social impact worldwide. We love that One Tree Planted plants various native trees and nursery crop species in Aotearoa. Depending on the specific needs of each section of habitat being restored, native trees may include manuka, kahikatea, matai, miro and tītoki.


Restoring forests also means restoring healthy ecosystems resilient to stressors like invasive species and climate change. Aotearoa's native forests are a refuge for local biodiversity and endemic wildlife.



Reforestation efforts assist native vegetation in growing back while preventing erosion and soil runoff into rivers and streams. Healthy forests have a huge role in safeguarding healthy watersheds, benefitting both nature and people.


They are working with a coalition of community groups, schools and regional organisations. Their partners in Aotearoa New Zealand are building forests and communities while mentoring the next generation of forest stewards.



At Print Room, we've put down roots (literally) in the reforestation movement by pledging to plant 10 trees for every order north of $500 + GST. This pledge has blossomed into 13,720 trees. And this number is anything but static. With every print order, the count shoots up.
For us, it's more than just about the aesthetics of a leafy horizon. These trees are the earth's green lungs, gulping down carbon dioxide and exhaling that sweet, life-nurturing oxygen. They are a refuge for native wildlife and an essential cover for the lands against erosion.
We want to seed the idea of environmental stewardship. Customers who place orders with us get more than just a top-notch product. They're generating a tiny green ripple that joins a growing wave of eco-conscious actions.Every new tree is a step towards restoring the natural grandeur of Aotearoa. We're determined to make it a little greener. A little cleaner. And a heck of a lot dreamier.
The alliance between Print Room and One Tree Planted is an ode to the fact that when businesses and environmental champions join forces, they can write leafy legacies. So the next time you find yourself amongst the rustle of leaves, know it could be your Print Room order whispering through the woods. 🍃



In 2022, One Tree Planted ran a school-centric project with 217 schools across Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland) to grow and plant 84,083 native trees, restoring 15.80 hectares of land. Tamariki (children) of all ages nurtured and grew the native plants over the season and planted them on sites requiring environmental restoration.
Most of the plants were planted in waterways - creeks, streams and wetlands - mainly near the headwaters where possible to have the most significant impact downstream. By 2027, these streams will be cleaner, cooler and clearer, allowing the return of small fish and birds, allowing a second naturally occurring regeneration of native plants.
One Tree Planted notes the problem Aotearoa has with its waterways. After years of neglect, many of our streams and creeks are unsafe to swim due to the growing toxic algal bloom. Planting native trees like Karamu, Manuka, Makomako, Mahoe, Hebe, Kowhai, Kanono, Kawakawa, Toara, Taraire, and others will help adjust the water quality and bring back stream life to these waterways and protect communities from flooding.
Projects like these have huge community benefits as they bring together teachers, parents, whānau and community groups to plant trees alongside the tamariki and learn about the local environment and how to protect these areas. Planting native trees is an inter-generational activity that educates the next generation and brings Aotearoa community together. This project has employed local people and sourced local products to benefit the local communities the most.
Print Room is stoked to be able to support incredible projects like these in our country that not only help to restore and protect our environment but also teach the next generation.


One Tree Planted have more than a dozen planting projects in New Zealand and Australia at any one time. Click the link below to find out where these prjects are happening, how many trees will be planted, the types of trees being planted and the key impact area effected by the planting.

Read more here.


With every donation we make our buddies at One Tree Planted send us a certifcate, this is a small token to show there appreciation for the contributions we have made to helo restore and conserve forests in Aotearoa and the Pacific. Do you want to donate trees too? Awesome! Click the link below to make a donation.
Make a donation here.