• You Can Encourage That Sale with Custom T-shirts
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You Can Encourage That Sale with Custom T-shirts

In the business world, customer acquisition is often the main goal which can be described as the process in which you persuade a customer to purchase your products or services. Since no one likes the car salesman approach to marketing, it is a huge benefit to be able to utilize custom t-shirts to do the selling for you, without pushing the customer beyond their comfort level. Sometimes, the subtle selling tactics are the best! Here are three different ways that screen print t-shirts can provide customer acquisition.

Custom T-Shirts on your Website

Your company website should be the first place that you show off your new shirt designs and allow them to persuade those sales. The options are truthfully endless. You can offer a free t-shirt with every sale, or give away some as a contest that people get entered into once they make a purchase. You can also use the t-shirts to encourage your customers to provide contact information, or to sign up for your newsletter. While it may not result in a direct sale, you are setting up the path for sales in the future. Keep in mind though that many people are skeptical of receiving spam emails from companies. So, be sure to emphasize that a customer can unsubscribe at any time to maximize the effects of your efforts.

Trading Up At The Trade Shows

The only thing you're trading at trade shows is your custom t-shirts for their possible business. As a company, you probably spend a lot of time at booths, whether it's to promote an event, at trade shows, markets or other kinds of conferences. If you aren't, then you may want to start looking at business opportunities to add onto your itinerary so that you can start showing off your new branded merchandise. Studies have shown that companies that give away practical items such as screen print t-shirts have a much higher amount of attendees than those who don't. Now, if you think giving away pens at your booth is the more affordable option, keep in mind that practical items are what brings the audience. People don't gravitate towards free pens, brochures and stickers like they used to. So, you definitely need to head on over to our screen printing shop to get your order started because places those stacks of shirts at your booth is going to be making a meaningful and long lasting impact to those who come over to you. That's also not to mention that the shirts will then go on to further promote your brand.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Since it is no secret that customers (new, old and potential) enjoy receiving free and practical items, you can definitely benefit from giving your design shirts away as gifts. While some companies like to put together elaborate boxes, filled with branded merchandise such as hats, shirts, koozies and other kinds of gifts, it may not always be within budget. However, setting something up where you can do a giveaway every other month where a lucky customer receives a gift box is definitely something to highly consider. This offer could also be extended to potential customers because usually, the recipient will be super excited and rave about their gifts to their friends and families.

In Exchange for Reviews

Speaking of gifts, Youtubers and bloggers are also people to consider giving your branded items away to in exchange for a review. The blogging and video blog industry has really taken off, so pick some popular people that pertain to the niche of your business to ensure that you receive the highest potential of feedback. This is an affordable way to reach a large amount of people.

It's time to start spreading the word about your company with our high quality print screen company.

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