Can I supply my own garments to be printed?

Yes, you can certainly supply your own garments. However, please be aware we reserve the right not to print on a garment if it's not made of a suitable fabric or is of an unsuitable style.

We take great care in our work, however; sometimes accidents do happen. We advise that you supply a couple of spare blank t-shirts or garments in case we make any mistakes during the printing process. 

What is the largest print area?

For blank t-shirts, we can screen-print up to 380x350mm.
For an oversized tea towel screen-print we can print up to 600x450mm.

Why do I have to pay a set up charge?

We charge a set up fee because we must colour separate your artwork, then print each colour onto film and then create a stencil onto a silk screen for each colour we are to screenprint. This is quite an intensive process before we can even begin printing you artwork onto blank t-shirts. Please note the physical screen remains the property of the Print Room Dunedin, New Zealand. However, if you wish to do further runs of the same artwork we can keep the screen for you, future runs will be cheaper because the screen set up charge has been paid for in you first run of t-shirt.

Do you offer a sampling service?

Yes we are more that happy to create a sample for you to prior to printing your final job. Please note for low run samples we will use a vinyl transfer rather than a silk screen so the feel of the print will differ from a screen printed t-shirt.

How can I achieve a soft-feel t-shirt print?

Soft feel printing is one of the most requested methods for printing of late, especially with our fashion industry clients. We use specialty inks such as discharge and solvent free water-based inks to achieve a super soft feel. We are able to achieve a soft feel print on both dark and light coloured t-shirts. Please be aware because of the specialty nature of this type of printing we charge a higher price.

How many colours can I include in my design?

We can screenprint up 6 colours per design. It is worth noting when printing onto dark coloured t-shirts we must also print a white base coat down onto the blank t-shirt before we lay the colour screenprint on top. If you are embroidering your garments we can use 12 different colours per design. 

What is your turnaround time?

We generally ask for 10 working days to turn a job around. If you require a fast turnaround service we may charge extra for the job.

Do you provide press checks?

If you would like to see a test print before we start the screen print run, we can email you digital image mock-up or you could come to our factory to view a sample.

Please be aware once a job has been approved by you via our digital e-proof we expect no further changes are necessary. Further alterations will come at an extra charge. 

Do you offer Free Nationwide Shipping?

Yes, we can ship anywhere in New Zealand free of charge for orders over $200.

What are your minimum print runs?

Our minimum prints runs are based on the number of colours in you artwork or the style of finish you require. We can use our vinyl transfer machine to create custom or one-off t-shirt prints. However, if you wish to have a screen print t-shirt our minimums are as follows: A one colour design has a minimum of 20 units, a two colour design has a minimum of 30, a three colour screen print has a minimum of 40 units.
We have a minimum run quantity to ensure set up times are covered and to assist you in covering all the setup costs. 

Can I print anywhere on the garment?

You can print on most areas of the garment, however certain garments or places on garments do not provide a smooth enough surface for us to print onto. We are more than happy to advise you on what is possible with print placement on a case by case basis. 

Do you offer digital printing?

Yes, we offer a digital printing service. We require a minimum of 5 prints to use our digital printer. We also have a digital transfer printing service that has no minimums that may meet your requirements. 

How do I supply artwork?

Please refer to our artwork guidelines under the 'Screen Printing Resources' section of our website to understand more about artwork specifications. 

Can you supply New Zealand made t-shirts?

We can supply New Zealand made t-shirts however we believe our current suppliers offer the best styles, quality and colours available at a reasonable pricepoint available worldwide.

When do I have to pay for my order? 

100% of payment is due on invoice. Production will start once money has cleared or a remittance notice has been emailed through. If you wish to pay on the 20th of the month following please click here to download a credit application form or you can submit one online here. 

How can I pay for my order?

We can take cheque, eftpos, credit card or online banking transfer. There is a 3% charge for credit card payments. We require 100% of the payment before the order commences unless prior arrangement is made. 

Can I set up an online store?

Yes, we can set you up with your own online store for no cost for orders over 50 units.