How to Use Custom T-Shirts in Your Company

You're finally jumping on the beneficial band wagon of getting custom t-shirts made for your company, but if you have no idea how to use them, then you could be selling your marketing plan short. Heading on over to a screen printing company to have your logo designed onto some shirts can be the perfect way to create brand recognition, as well as so much more.  Your company custom t-shirts are so much more than a piece of clothing, and it is about time for you to hear these three genius ways to take full advantage of custom t-shirts at your company.

Entice The Customers to Purchase


Custom t-shirts truly have a unique way of persuading a customer to finalise a purchase, and there are many ways in which you can do this. Some companies like to offer a free shirt with a purchase, or a free shirt when they sign up for your monthly newsletter or in exchange for their contact information. The "free gift" really entices the customer to follow through with what you want them to do, and the reason why custom shirts work so well is that they're practical, and everyone can use one. This marketing approach is truly simple but the return is vast, and that's also not to mention that your brand will be promoted to all, creating even more customer acquisition for those potential customers seeing your logo. It's a surefire way to spread the word like wild fire.

Team Building

It may sound odd that getting some custom t-shirts for your company can promote team building, but just hear us out for a moment because it really can do just that. Creating a bond within your company between the staff can be a difficult task that many business owners face. There are so many elements that make each one of your staff members different from the other, and to bring everyone together as one combined team, company shirts could be your answer. How so, you ask? Well, your staff will all be able to relate the shirts to the team, and will know that when that shirt is on, they are all one; working together. It's an excellent way to build company morale. Now, it is highly recommended that you also think outside of the box when heading on over to a screen printing company to place your next order of shirts. The design can (and should) be special, unique and even worthy of your employees wanting to rep the brand outside of the office as well. It all has to do with the style you choose. So channel your inner creativity. 

Emphasize Important Moments

With all of that said, it is highly recommended that you design your custom t-shirts to be different instead of a little logo being printed at the bottom of the right sleeve because the latter may not provide the abundance of benefits that can follow if you indulge in this marketing tactic properly. Try to focus on special moments, and emphasise them within the design of the shirts. Maybe you have a special sale going on this month, or are celebrating a corporate achievement. Maybe you have some new interns coming in and want to their achievements to positively stand out, or maybe you just want to create some custom designs that make your company look as awesome as it really is. This is also an excellent way to brighten the mood around the office, while also keeping deterring the appeal and feeling of wearing repetitive, "boring work shirts".

There are so many more ways that a unique design of shirts can be used in your company, but this is an excellent way to start that will create a team, boost the morale of the team, and emphasise important moments of celebration, sales or anything you choose. So, unite your employees. Spread your story. Grow your company. Our screen printing company is waiting for you.

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