Keeping embroidery eco-friendly

Reducing our carbon footprint and creating a sustainable workplace is something we strive for at The Print Room. Not only have we transformed our screen printing department to be super eco-friendly by changing the inks and clean up products we use, but we strive to reduce, reuse and recycle in other production areas, like in our embroidery department. 


Eco-friendly embroidery


Madeira Threads

We’re pretty happy that since day one of our embroidery room’s conception, we’ve been using Madeira’s rayon threads. Madeira is a pioneering thread and textile producer from Freiburg, Germany, with sustainability at the forefront of their business ethos. At each step of production, Madeira has sourced ecologically friendly materials and use processes that lessen the impact of production on factory workers, the consumer, and the environment, in the creation of a high-end product that is certified organic and sustainable. 


Madeira threads embroidery nz


Recycled Fusing and Threads

We’re pretty big on recycling here, to the extent that we only use tearaway fusing for our headwear that is 100% recycled cotton, and better yet, we’ve started composting the off-cuts. Cotton, being a natural fibre type, is biodegradable, meaning it readily breaks down without producing any harmful pollutants. The rayon threads we use are also compostable, as they are created using processed natural fibres, which is another win for us. 


AS Colour Finn Five Panel Cap custom embroidery


How we dispose of our waste 

At The Print Room, we’re pretty conscious about the waste we create and how best to process it. We’re in an industry that, traditionally, isn’t particularly friendly to the environment. There are some pretty gnarly chemicals and materials used in the printing process that we’ve found greener alternatives for, which we're happy to report makes the printing process safer for our staff, and greatly reduces the harm to the environment. 


Recycling cotton fusing nz

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