Upping your embroidery game

Upping your embroidery game

Caps - Good For

We have the perfect cap style for every occasion that is waiting for your logo or next design to be embroidered onto it. Trucker caps, 6 panels, 5 panels, flat peaks and sports caps, we embroider them all. 


Custom embroidery nz headwear cap

Beanies - Motion Sickness

The ideal piece of merchandise for the colder months, we stock beanies that range from 100% wool, wool/acrylic blends and 100% acrylic beanies that provide the perfect branding opportunity for your business. 


Custom embroidery nz

T-shirts - MFC

Adding a small embroidered detail to a quality cotton t-shirt can create a custom piece of merchandise that stands out from the rest. 


Custom t-shirt embroidery nz


Patches - Copland Track

Embroidered patches are a perfect way to get your brand to the people. They can be heat pressed or stitched onto any garment or product, giving your customers choice and flexibility. 


Custom embroidered patch nz


Jackets - Wanaka Transport Limited

The great thing about embroidery is we can add custom embroidery to pretty much anything. These Bushback jackets we embroidered for Wanaka Transport Limited have a waterproof backing to ensure the waterproof seal wassn't broken when we embroidered the right chest. 


Custom embroidery on jackets nz


Socks - Buchan & Co 

We have a soft spot for socks, and the easiest way to customise them is to add embroidery; like these ones we did for Buchan & Co. We can also do fully customised socks if required. 


Custom embroidered socks nz


Check out some other awesome embroidered products we have produced. 


Fashion Cap embroidery large flat peak front
Custom cord caps with embroidery
Custom fashion embroidered t-shirt nz
Custom Cap embroidery fashion nz
Fashion custom embroidery nz
Clyde cap embroidery

Interested in any of these products? Enquiry below. 


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