10 awesome gift ideas for your customers

10 awesome gift ideas for your customers

We believe good business is all about creating strong relationships with your customers and understanding their needs and wants.
We also feel you need to say ‘thanksʼ every now and then for their business,
and what better to say thanks than to send them a branded products with your
businessʼ artwork or logo on it.


Foiled screen printing t-shirt nz


Weʼve have come up with 10 awesome gift ideas for your customers, just to say thanks for doing business.

It should go without saying that the product needs of high quality as well as being a product of good taste or that is practical, the better the product, the more it will be used which means the more brand awareness the product will create for your company. Giving good quality gifts will promote your brand but it is also important to ensure these products are on-brand with who you are as a company. Whether it be a quirky product that gains your customer's attention or a reusable eco-friendly product that aligns with the sustainability values of your company, choosing the right product is a big one.


Joco eco friendly reusable takeaway cup 


A reusable metal double-wall drink bottle
Drink bottles are a practical product that can be used in most environments which raises your brand awareness immensely. These drink bottles can be branded in a range of ways, including; screen printed, pad printed, digitally printed, and laser etched. They come in over 10 different colours and are perfect for keeping water cool due to the double wall of the bottle. These bottles have a long life, meaning theyʼre going to be used over and over again. This is great for the environment as it replaces the use for plastic bottles and it means your brand exposure increases, a win-win we reckon!


Reusable branded drink bottle eco-friendly


Customised notebooks.
The art of writing by hand as opposed to typing on a keyboard or screen are on the comeback. Recent studies have shown that writing things down by hand helps us to think clearer and remember better than they do when written down digitally. We have an extensive range of notebook brands and styles, including our favourite, the Moleskin. The Moleskin is a timeless notebook that is a staple item for anyone who enjoys writing by hand. Our notebooks can be customised using the following methods: screen printed, pad printed, digitally printed, embossed or laser etched. Take note that we offer environmentally friendly notebooks that have been created using recycled paper.


 Custom printed notebooks


Branded pencils.
Now that you have that branded notebook, why not match it with branded pencils. Branded pencils are another awesome environmentally friendly option that is waiting for your logo to be pad printed or foil embossed. If cared for properly, a pencil will outlive most standard pens when used the same amount of time, who would have thought?


Custom foil embossed pencils


Customised headwear.
Headwear is the perfect gift within the apparel product range as most headwear products are one size fits all. Caps and bucket hats can be embroidered using a wide range of techniques including embroidery, Supacolour, screen printed transfers and patches, embossed leather patches dye-sublimated patches and embroidered patches that are then head transferred onto caps. Beanies can be customised using embroidery, embroidered patches, embossed leather patches, screen-printed patches and dye-sublimated patches that are then stitched on. 


Custom hat embroidery new zealand


The customisation of headwear doesnʼt stop there, we offer a retagging and relabelling service to add those finishing touches to your headwear product. We manage the production of the woven tags or pips as well as removing the current tags and sewing in the new ones to create a fully customised product. 


Custom cap embroidery nz


Tea towels
Organic tea towels matched with nice artwork and soft water-based makes for a special tea towel. Our M & R Sportsman screen printing machine specialises in oversized prints, including tea towels. This machine allows us to print tea towel artwork up to 55cms long and 40cms wide and up to 5 colours to create your next artistic masterpiece. We offer organic tea towels in natural and white, click here to submit your artwork and we can quickly provide you with some pricing.


Eco-friendly waterbased screen printed tea towels


Tote bags
With plastic bags now being something of the past and now illegal in our country since July 2019, cotton reusable tote bags are in high demand. Why not make the most of this opportunity and add your branding to them? We offer a wide range of style, fabrics and sizes to make sure we have the perfect tote or jute bag for your next job. These can be screen printed using our 100% eco-friendly water-based ink, embroidery, or full-colour Supacolour. Our minimum order quantity for tote bags is 50 units per design and the print sizes is dependent on the style of bag you require.


Custom screen printed cotton tote bags nz


Pins and patches
We have a wee soft spot for pins and patches. They're a perfect detail that can be added to apparel, headwear or to the office pinboard. We offer pins in brass or enamel with a black, gold or silver finish bases. The pins come with a lapel pin or butterfly fixing. We have a minimum of 250 units per design with a 10 - 20 day turnaround. Most artwork is fine, but its overall size of the pin may depend on the detail of your artwork. If you're not sure, get in touch with one of our staff and we can recommend a suitable pin size that ensures you get all of the finer details of the artwork. 


 Custom enamel pins and badges


We create our custom embroidered patches all in-house and our expert design team is on-hand to assist with any of your design needs to create the perfect artwork for you. We can create patches that can be sewn onto garments by your customers, or we can add a heat backing so that they can iron the patch onto the garment without having to pick up the needle and thread! We can also sew embroidered patches straight onto garments, beanies, caps and hats. These can be completely customised, including the cotton drill we embroider onto and you can use up to 12 thread colours. 


Custom Embroidered Patch NZ


Tees and hoodies
There's no better way to get your brand out there than a t-shirt or hoodie. We print hundreds of these a day and seeing a unique artwork printed onto a tee is what ticks our box! You can screen print, Supacolour, embroider or add a patch to customise your tees or hoodies, not to mention adding a custom neck tag to create that finishing touch! We are one of the only screen print shops in Australasia to solely print with 100% waterbased inks. What does this mean? These inks are super soft to touch and much better for the environment and for our staff as they don't contain any thermoplastics as plastisol inks do. To find out about our eco-friendly inks and practices, click here. 


Band merch t-shirt and apparel


Reusable Cups & Mugs
The days of single-use plastic bags are well behind us and it won't be long before single-use takeaway cups are left for dead too. Why not get behind this movement and add your business logo or artwork to reuseable cups before every other business does? We have a wide range of styles and price points for reusable cups. From the Joco Cup, which you see below, to price point competitive takeaway cups, there is one to suit every need and budget. 


Joco reusable branded takeaway cups

Interested in any of these products? Enquiry below. 


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