The Curve Crusher - Ashley Bloomfield Merchandise

Location: Dunedin, New Zealand
Industry: Charity
Shirt/garment style: AS Colour Staple, Maple & Kids t-shirts; Men’s & Women’s Premium hoodies and Carrie tote bags
Ink Style: Water-based Eco Inks

The Bold are a Dunedin based branding, graphic and web design studio. Their work is innovative and reflects their desire to create meaningful online experiences that make a difference for their clients and their customers. Some of their most recent work has definitely made an impact. The Curve Crusher - Keep a Good Thing Going campaign has made some pretty big waves over the past few weeks, immortalising the peoples’ champion of COVID-19, Dr. Ashley Bloomfield, while raising funds to support women and children experiencing domestic violence throughout the country. Over $140,000 from the sale of The Curve Crusher merchandise will be donated to Women’s Refuge New Zealand’s - Gift A Safe Night charity. The money will go towards providing victims of family violence a safe place to stay for a night. 

We’re feeling incredibly humbled at The Print Room that we were able to facilitate and provide the ‘Keep a Good Thing Going’ platform that has been used for such a deserving cause. It’s awesome to see something positive come out of the global shutdown, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Keep A Good Thing Going campaign

We started the ‘Keep a Good Thing Going’ campaign at the beginning of the Level- 4 Lockdown. We wanted to create a platform that would help smaller businesses continue to produce some form of income while their doors were shut. It also doubled as a way for customers to show their support for their favourite small business and give back through the online purchase of branded merchandise. To ‘Keep a Good Thing Going’, we created free online stores for businesses to market and sell their branded merch through. There are no costs to start a campaign and proceeds from sales go straight into the businesses’ pockets. We take a cut to cover the cost of blank garments and printing costs. The Bold chose to donate their profits to Women’s Refuge. With every t-shirt and hoodie sold $20 goes to the charity, while $10 is donated for every tote bag sold. There has been a lot of preordering, so we’re going to be pretty busy post lockdown printing, fulfilling and dispatching all the orders. We’re itching to get back into The Print Room though, who wouldn’t be when they get to see thousands of tees with Ashley Bloomfield’s face on them?

Thanks to The Bold for working with us and making the choice to donate all proceeds to Women’s Refuge. Dr. Ashley Bloomfield, thanks firstly for being born...but for also being a calm voice and level head in the face of COVID-19 adversity. We salute you and your guidance through what has been an unprecedented and challenging time.

If you know a charity, organisation or business that could benefit from our 'Keep A Good Thing Going' campaign, get them to check out more information here. Or, drop us a line and we can get in touch with them. 



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