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Corporate Wear Tips: 3 Tips on How to Create Excellent Custom Polos


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When we think of a polo shirt, it has some sort of logo on it for many of us. Polo shirts look smart and are easy to wear; they look great for staff uniforms, meeting with customers, at the pub or even on the golf course. Because of the polo shirt's versatility, it is one of the more popular products we customise for corporate wear. Screen printing, embroidery and Supacolour printing are all popular means for customising polos. 

The decoration method we recommend for your brand's logo depends on;

  • The fabric type of the polos you are will be using
  • How many polos you will be ordering
  • The size of your logo to be added to the polos
  • How many colours in your logo
  • How hard-wearing your polos need to be
  • Your budget 

The Print Room Custom Corporate Wear Polos

The logo polo shirt is simple and understated, and it’s for this reason, many brands choose to get custom embroidered or printed polo shirts for their business. The custom polo a common sight on most city streets; when worn casually, it is often with just one block colour all over, with a logo on the left breast. 

The other place you’re likely to find the branded polo shirts is in sportswear. Smart, but still with a relaxed way, the branded polo shirt has been embraced in sports for the same reason as brands adopted it. They boast the combination of smartness with a loose, airy fit. We often make custom branded polos for sports teams who travel to their games; the whole team looks excellent when they are all in the same uniform before their match and for any post-match functions. 

But can you make sure your custom polos look great? We've put together a list to help: 

3 Tips on How to Create Excellent Corporate Wear Branded Polos Shirts

1. You can use embroidery, screen printing or Supacolour 

For polo shirts, it’s possible to screen print or embroider your design – most often, we recommend using embroidery for the best results. Suppose you’re keen to go for screenprinting or Supacolour (usually screen printing or Supacolour will be a cheaper option than embroidery). In that case, we’d recommend using a polo shirt that has a smooth fabric to ensure you get the best results (AS Colour's Chad or Army Polos is an excellent option for printing). For embroidery, we have a minimum order of 12 garments. In contrast, both screen printing and Supacolour have a minimum order quantity of 20 units. 

2. Clean and Minimal is Best

Whether you’re using screen printing, Supacolour or embroidery, you’ll get the best results by keeping your design simple. For embroidery, in particular, text and simple line graphics work best, and we advise using a design no smaller than 50mm. If you have a complex or detailed logo for your brand in the case of logo polo shirts, it is advisable to use a Supacolour print, particularly if there are any gradients in your artwork; alternatively, simplify your artwork. 

3. Think creatively about embroidery

If you decide to use embroidery for your shirt, then it’s worth thinking about ways to play to the strength of the medium. Compared to screen printing, there’s a three-dimensionality to embroidery that can help get excellent visual outcomes. For example, stitching a tone on tone embroidery where the thread colour is similar to the fabric colour creates a subtle & sophisticated look often used by premium sportswear brands. 


Want to create your own polo shirts? The Print Room offers fast turnaround printing & embroidery on a range of garments. We work with many clients ranging from such as MTF Finance to Epic Brewery and the University of Otago. Get a quote in 2 minutes online.


If you would like to get custom corporate wear or polos for your business feel free to fill in the quote form below. 



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