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AS Colour The T-shirt Printer's Choice

We thought it was time to spotlight AS Colour, one of the leading blank t-shirt and apparel suppliers in New Zealand, and now the brand is becoming recognised throughout the world. AS Colour has been our preferred brand to print on since we started The Print Room, we value the quality of their products, their ethical attitude towards production and the ease of doing business with them. AS Colour set high standards for how they operate, and the products they deliver are always on-trend. These factors have proven to be a winning formula for the brand that started in a garage in Auckland's, Parnell, back in 2005 by founder Lawrence Railton. Lawrence saw a gap in the market for high-quality blank apparel and set out to change this by starting his brand. AS Colour now operates in New Zealand, the United States, Australia and UK/Europe. With retail stores throughout the world and a solid network of resellers/decorators, the brand has from strength to strength. Now the brand has grown to have more than 130 staff and is a kiwi success story. 


For AS Colour, their mission is simple, "make the best T-shirts in the world." These three guiding principles ensure they deliver the goods:


Quality is key.

Respect the details.

Keep it simple.


We've been printing on AS Colour t-shirts for over ten years. This relationship stretches back to when we ran our clothing label Moodie Tuesday and needed to source high-quality blank t-shirts. Naturally, when we started The Print Room seven years ago, AS Colour was the t-shirt brand we wanted to offer to our customers. 

AS Colour – Blank Merchandise Supplier Spotlight.

Initially, the brand started by producing quality blank t-shirts. Now their range has grown to include a wide range of apparel, headwear and accessories. All of AS Colour's products are available at The Print Room, and we are one of New Zealand's leading resellers of the brand. 


Here's an overview of AS Colour's range.

AS Colour T-Shirts and Singlets.

The most popular product we sell from AS Colour is their blank t-shirts. You can check out the range of AS Colour t-shirts here. We love the humble t-shirt at The Print Room, and AS Colour make the best t-shirts going. AS Colour is the go-to brand for customers such as breweries, cafes, tradies, and Leavers Gear. The AS Colour range of t-shirts includes short and long-sleeved options with a wide range of on-trend colours, and their tanks and singlets are great for the summertime.

AS Colour Hoodies and Sweatshirts.

After t-shirts, the next most popular item we print is hoodies and sweatshirts. AS Colour has an excellent range of hoodies and sweatshirts that you should consider if you're looking to place an order for custom printed hoodies. There is a range of fabric weights and styles available in many colours that cover the basics to more premium offerings. AS Colour has options in both poly/cotton and 100% cotton for hoodies and sweatshirts, so there is a product in their range that should satisfy any requirement. 

AS Colour Shirts, Jackets and Pants.

T-shirts and hoodies may be the most popular products to customise with screen printing or embroidery, but customers who need corporate wear will need alternatives to t-shirts and hoodies. There are some great options from AS Colour if you need polos, button-up shirts or jackets. If you're looking for sweat pants or shorts, AS Colour has got you covered there too. AS Colour's sweat pants are trendy for Leavers Gear, we can custom these by screen printing or adding embroidery to the leg.


AS Colour Caps and Beanies.

Customised caps or beanies are popular items as giveaways or staff uniforms. The beauty of headwear is it is generally one size fits all, whereas, with t-shirts, you need to know someone's shirt size. For this reason, headwear is a solid option for your next giveaway. Check out the range of AS Colour Caps & beanies here. 


AS Colour Bags


Finally, AS Colour's bag range is a top-notch option if you're looking for a quality tote bag or backpack. Your logo can either be added to the bags using screen printing, Supacolour or embroidery. 



Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

AS Colour's Social Responsibility.

Finally, we should mention AS Colour's commitment to ethical methods of manufacturing. Social responsibility is high on their list of priorities, and this aligns with our beliefs. 


AS Colour is a part of several respected ethical and sustainability programmes, we've outlined these below.


 AS Colour are members of the Amfori BSCI initiative, this is a system that aims to improve global supply chains and improve social compliance and conditions in the factories and farms which produce our goods.


The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) aims to change how cotton is produced and used positively. This is a win for everyone; a better environment, a better life for farmers & factory workers, and a better future for the industry.


OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is a worldwide certification. To clarify, the organisation promotes several areas of concern for the environmentally aware. Only products that have passed the test for harmful substances, from yarn to merchandise, can be marked with the 100 Standard.


Hopefully, this blog post gives you a good overview of the AS Colour brand; if you would like to screen print or embroider your design on AS Colour garments, please fill in the below quote form, and one of our merch consultants will get in touch. 



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