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Custom Branded Beanies: Tips to Make Your Own

The basics of creating custom beanies

In the winter months, custom beanies are a super popular option for staff uniforms & brand giveaways. Relatively affordable, one size fits all and warm, custom beanies are the perfect merch item for winter. If your business has staff who work outdoors, it makes sense to have them wear branded beanies. Beanies are a popular option for brand giveaways, especially if you're based in the South Island or parts of New Zealand that get chilly winter conditions. 


As with all custom branded headwear, the branding area on beanies is highly visible: your logo will be prominent on someone's head and is in the sightline of anyone who talks to the wearer. Headwear doesn't tend to get washed as much as other branded garments such as t-shirt or hoodie, and if someone likes a hat, they often will wear it every day without fail. This means your brand is getting good exposure, and your brand will be getting plenty of impressions. 


If you're keen to make custom beanies but don’t have experience creating merch or personalised hats, we’ve outlined the key steps to create your own branded headwear.

Our Tips for Creating Custom Beanies

Embroidery is the way to go! We sometimes get requests for “screen printed hats”, but with all our custom branded headwear – including knitted custom beanies – embroidery is the best decorating option; we do not offer screen printing or Supacolour printing onto beanies.


Custom Beanies: Simple is Best

With embroidery, it is best to choose simple and bold designs – especially when the artwork will go on a hat or custom beanie and will need to be relatively small. In some cases, we recommend simplifying your logo or artwork to sew out well with embroidery; sometimes, if there are text elements, we may need to increase the text size for optimal results when sewing onto custom beanies. 


What Type of Custom Beanie Do You Choose?

The most popular beanie we customise for clients is the AS Colour Cuff beanie; it is a simple, single colour beanie with a rolled-up cuff at the bottom, allowing us to decorate the front or back of the beanie. This beanie shape is popular with a range of age groups and is a good quality product available in multiple colours. AS Colour also have a Knit and Cable Beanie that have fabric knitted in slightly different ways. One of these three styles should cover most of our clients' custom beanie needs. 


Fully Bespoke Might Be Good For You?

If you want something fully customised with your brand's colours and designs, we have a couple of bespoke options that are entirely made to your requirements. The Kenai Custom Beanies is the option we suggest to customers who want a fully customised beanie solution. Because these are custom-made products, there is a minimum order of 250 pcs and a longer lead time of approximately 25 working days from job approval. 


Want to create your own custom beanies? The Print Room offer fast turnaround screen printing & embroidery on a wide range of apparel & merchandise. To get your custom beanies order underway, please fill in the quote form below. 


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