Appliqué embrodiery: Stitching tradition with innovation

Appliqué embrodiery: Stitching tradition with innovation

Oh mon Dieu, custom appliqué embroidery has arrived.

Elevate your merch game with this premium-quality decoration method.

The word "appliqué" comes from the French verb "appliquer," which means "to apply." It involves sewing fabric pieces onto a garment to create intricate and tactile designs.  

Appliqué is a widespread technique in textile arts and various forms of needlework and craft, including quilting and embroidery. It has been used worldwide for centuries to add decorative elements to clothing and household textiles. 

Using our laser cutter and embroidery machines, we're breathing new life into this century-old technique. We can achieve precise, clean designs that are functional and durable, adding texture and a classic, unique look that allows your brand to stand out.


In fashion, you typically see appliqué embroidery on hoodies or crewneck sweatshirts. Explore how our new custom applique offering can create stand-out custom hoodies.
 Here's how it works:

  1. Our process is a collaboration. Our dedicated design team will work closely with you to bring your ideas to life, creating digital mockups that allow you to visualise the end product.
  2. Fabric selection: Choose from high-quality fabrics like twill and felt, which provide unique texture and withstand daily wear and tear.
  3. Garments: We source various hoodie brands, such as AS Colour, Stanley Stella, Earth Positive, and Gildan, ensuring the hoodie's quality, fit, and comfort align with your brand standards.
  4. Precision cutting: Our laser cutter cuts the appliqué fabric to create each design element in your chosen fabric, ensuring accurate shapes and consistent quality.
  5. Application: We use a temporary adhesive to place the applique design precisely on your hoodie. A running stitch helps secure the applique in place.
  6. Embroidery: The embroidery machine adds a satin or zigzag edge stitch. This adds flair and prevents fraying, helping the appliqué to stay intact after many washes.
  7. Quality check: Each hoodie undergoes a quality check to remove adhesive residue and trim loose threads, producing a professional finish.


  • Enhanced brand visibility: Stand out with bold designs that cover a significant area, something that's often difficult or expensive to achieve with standard embroidery.
  • Premium quality: Combining high-quality materials and advanced techniques produces a garment that reflects your brand's commitment to quality.
  • Customisation flexibility: Endless possibilities to showcase your brand personality. Incorporate multiple fabrics, textures, and layers to create a three-dimensional effect.
  • Retro vibes: Create a classic, vintage look with appliqué, a popular design style often used in American varsity clothing. We love incorporating appliqué in Leavers Gear and use various stitching techniques and wool embroidery threads for that retro feel.
  • Durability is key: Appliqué ensures your brand's message lasts. Invest in custom appliqué embroidered hoodies to craft a unique story and experience for your customers. 

So there's a few moving parts with this decoration technique, but with our expertise and your vision, we can work together to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Contact our design team, for more info on how to add applique to your next project.

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