Screen Printing Resources

Artwork Guidelines

To ensure that we provide you with the best possible service and create you and amazing design, we have an in-house design team to prepare your artwork specifically for t-shirt screenprinting.
If you have a design ready to roll, please take a quick look over our design guidelines below to ensure your file is ready for us to use.

Vector Artwork (.ai, .eps)

Please convert all type to outlines.
If your vector file contains any linked/placed raster images, these images must be 300dpi resolution when printed at 100% size. Please submit the original image file separately to your vector file as well, so we have a copy of all the elements of the artwork.

Raster Artwork Files (.psd, .tiff)

All raster elements and art files must be sized at 100% or larger than the actual screenprint size you require.
All raster images must have a resolution of 300dpi or more.
All raster must be in the original colour space. We suggest full colour graphics in RGB, if your file has been submitted in CMYK please do not convert to RGB as some colour data maybe be lost.

Acrobat Files (.pdf)

PDF files created from vector files must have their editing capabilities still available in the programme that was used to create them.
PDF files must meet the minimum requirements for raster and vector files as details in prior sections on this page.

Standard print placements and artwork sizes

Click here to see our visual document to see our standard print sizes and placements. We have also listed these below. 

Left Chest - 80mm Wide
Right Chest - 80mm Wide
Centre Chest - 260mm Wide
Shoulder - 50mm Wide
Centre Back - 280mm Wide
Lower Back - 280mm Wide
Custom Name Bottom Back - 50mm high
Upper Arm - 80mm Wide
Lower Sleeve - 60mm High x 400mm Wide
Hood - 60mm High x 150mm Wide

Maximum Print Size

Our maximum print size for a t-shirt screenprint is 380mm wide x 450mm high. Oversized prints can be up to 400mm wide x 600 mm high and will require an additional cost. If you're unsure of what print size is suitable for your garment or artwork we are more than happy to work with you on this.

Redrawing Artwork for Print. 

If you are unable to provide a suitable 'print ready' file, we offer a cost effective redrawing service. The cost ranges from $20-$100 + GST, depending on the complexity of your artwork. This usually takes 24 hours and you keep the 'print ready' file for future use. 

Art Charges

Art charges are usually only incurred when we create artwork from scratch, or we are required to alter an existing artwork significantly. We will let you know if artwork charges apply.
In most cases, colour separation charges are included in the setup costs, however, if the artwork is very technical or requires significant time in separating the colours, artwork charges may be incurred.
Our artwork charge is $60 +gst per hour.

Standard Print Colour

Click here to view the list of standard ink colours we provide. 

Specialty Inks 

We offer a range of specialty inks including metallic, glow in the dark, puff, and foil. For pricing of these inks, please inquire with one of our staff.  

Custom Pantone Range (Solid Coated Colours Only)

Click here to view the list of custom Pantone Solid Coated Colours we can provide you. There is a $15 + GST mixing fee per colour. 

Embroidery Thread Colour 

Click here to view the list of thread colours available. You can choose up to 12 colours for your artwork.