T Shirt Printing locations

T Shirt Printing locations

When a client requires t shirt printing, we are often asked whereabouts on the t shirt they can be printed and how large the screen print can be. See below our quick guide to t shirt printing and where you can and cannot print. 

oversized t shirt printing | Dirty Waters T shirt | The Print Room

What is the largest size my t shirt printing can be? 

The largest size we offer for t shirt printing on adults garments is 460mm high x 380mm wide - this is pretty big! However, it is essential to ensure that a t shirt print of this size will fit across all of your garments. T shirt printing this size on large and extra-large clothes is fine, but it may not work on smaller sizes or women's garments depending on the artwork. Screen prints do not look great if you print over the seam where the sleeve meets the body of the garment; our staff can suggest the largest size you could print your artwork on the products you choose. When deciding what size to make your artwork think about whether you will include kids or women's garments and how small the sizes you want to print; this will help determine the t shirt print size. 

 The most common t shirt printing locations 

We've printed in all sorts of t shirt locations over the years but below are the most common spots for t shirt printing, as well as suggesting common print sizes for each of these locations. 


Left chest t shirt printing

t shirt printing | Panhead t shirt | The Print Room

Typically left or right chest prints are no wider than 100 - 110mm wide, but it all depends on your artwork shaper. For one line text logos, 100mm would be suitable, but if your logo is a similar height to its width, then 85mm wide would be appropriate. Our team will place the logo pbetween 70mm - 90mm down from the bottom of the neck ribbing, depending on the logo design. If you would rather the artwork be placed a specific measurement, please ensure you let our team know. 


Right chest t shirt printing 

right t shirt printing | the print room

Right chest t shirt printing is not very common, but the same artwork size suggestions apply as the left chest print. You can have both left and right chest screen prints, and it will cost the same as just a left screen print as we print it using the same screen at the same time. 


Centre chest t shirt printing

t shirt printing | Flying Nun T shirt | The Print Room

We suggest a centre chest t shirt print to have a width of 260mm to 300mm wide, again, depending on the artwork shape. If your would like a standard chest screenprint that fits well across smaller and larger sizes, 260mm wide would be suitable. If you would like a larger t shirt print on the centre chest then 300mm wide would work well but this won't fit on a women's small t shirt.


Oversized chest t shirt printing

t shirt printing | Garage Project Hapi Daze T shirt

Oversized chest t shirt printing can work really well with tall rectangular shaped artworks that take up most of the t shirt front. The maximum width for an oversized chest t shirt print would be 340mm wide x 460mm high.


Nape t shirt printing 

Nape t shirt printing nz | The Print Room | Garage Project T-shirt

Nape t shirt printing is a great spot for a brand logo or subtle artwork as a second screen print. The size is completely up to you, but the nape screen prints are often 100mm wide. However, they can be as large as you like.  

Centre back t shirt printing 

t shirt print | Boneface | The Print Room

Oversize back t shirt printing 

Oversized t shirt printing NZ | The Print Room

Oversized back t shirt printing can work really well with tall rectangular shaped artworks that take up most of the t shirt front. The maximum width for an oversized chest t shirt print would be 340mm wide x 460mm high.

Sleeve t shirt printing

Netskey T shirt printing nz | The Print Room

Sleeve t shirt printing is a common branding area one long sleeve t shirts. We screen print this placement using our sleeve plates; therefore, the max width is 87mm wide and 400mm high. 

Side torso t shirt printing 

Side torso screen prints can be printed on the Alstyle t shirt as it is tubular spun, therefore it doesn't have a side seam.  

Where can you not print on the t shirt? 

We don't think printing over t shirt seams looks very good, so we don't offer it. If you require t shirt printing on the side of the torso, we can provide a tubular spun t shirt that does not have a side seam. We cannot print outside the maximum print size of 460mm high x 380mm wide, and we cannot print hard up against the seams, we can get within 10 - 15mm from the seam, though. Another t shirt printing location we get asked about is for continuous prints around a t shirt or t shirt sleeve; this cannot be achieved when screen printing on a t shirt after the garment's sewn together. If you want to achieve this look, you can use our cut and sew products or dye sublimated garments. 

To find out whether your artwork will fit and work on your next job, please complete the form below and our team will provide you with a free quote and any other information that you require.


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