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Embroidered Hoodies: Setting you in the right direction

Are you thinking about getting some custom hoodies made? Are you unsure about the best option and where you should go from here? Look no further than embroidered hoodies! Embroidery is a classy, timeless, and hardwearing clothing decoration and a fantastic choice for all your custom merch needs. 


To give you some inspiration and guidance on your embroidered hoodies journey, we have compiled a list of some of our favourite jobs we've done, and our top garment picks so you can be confident you're heading in the right direction. 



Embroidery is a fantastic option for custom hoodies as it is durable, timeless and has a premium feel. Hoodies provide a perfect base for custom embroidery as the thickness of the material means it won't stretch or pull under with the stitching, while the three-dimensionality and textured nature of embroidery make any garment feel special. Embroidery has backing on the inside, which holds the threads in place, so hoodies are the perfect canvas as they are an outerwear garment so you won't feel the embroidery against your skin. 


If you want to read a more extensive article about why you should choose embroidered hoodies and some tips to executing it to perfection, you can find that here.



Here are some of our favourite embroidered hoodies we have done over the years to start you on this journey. 


Parrotdog Brewing 

Parrotdog Brewing Custom Embroidered Hoodie

Parrotdog Brewing Custom Embroidered Crewneck
You can't go wrong with a classic center chest wordmark for embroidered hoodies. We love the tone on tone look for something pared back but effortlessly cool.



EMTY Custom Embroidered Hoodie NZ

EMTY Custom Embroidered Hoodie
These embroidered hoodies for EMTY feature a large center chest graphic.
They're subtle but super interesting, with the texture and three-dimentionality of embroidery adding to the brain design.




Commonplace Custom Embroidered Hoodie

Commonplace Custom Embroidered Hoodie & Trackpants

We did these great signatures for Commonplace. The matching embroidered hoodies and trackpants create a cohesive garment set, with the design working super well on multiple colour-ways.



Cardrona Custom Embroidered Hoodie

Cardrone Custom Embroidered Hoodie

Cardrona Parks multi-coloured custom embroidered hoodies are one of our faves. The combination is fresh and fun, and the embroidery will hold up even if these hoods are worn snowboarding, skating, or any other hardcore outdoor activity.  


Now that those creative juices are flowing, the garment you choose for your custom embroidered hoodies makes all the difference. Here are some of our favourites, perfect for your job. 


AS Colour Stencil Hoodie

  • The AS Colour Stencil Hoodie is one of our most popular garments and a classic option for your custom embroidered hoodie. It's affordable, comfortable and a good all-rounder. The Stencil Hoodie has a regular fit and is a heavy 350gsm, perfect for everyday wear. 

    AS Colour Stencil Hoodie | Custom Embroidered Hoodies

AS Colour Heavyweight Hoodie

  • The AS Colour Heavyweight Hoodie is a new addition to the AS Colour range, and we're pumped about it. At a truly thick 400gsm, this hoodie is going to keep you super warm and cosy. Its drop-shoulder style and relaxed oversize fit are perfect for that casual but put-together look. 

    AS Colour Heavy Hood | Custom Embroidered Hoodies

Earth Positive EP51P Hoodie 

  • The Earth Positive EP51P Hoodie is part of our most sustainable and ethical clothing range. Wearing this, paired with our organic cotton Madeira threads, you will be wearing the most sustainable custom embroidered hoodies out there. You can feel good both physically and mentally knowing your money is going somewhere good. This hoodie is made with 100% organic cotton and is a slightly lighter 280gsm so it can be worn throughout the seasons. The Earth Positive range extends beyond just the one fit, so have a read here if you want to know more.
    Earth Positive EP51P Hoodie | Custom Embroidered Hoodie

Stanley Stella Cultivator Zip-Thru Hoodie

  • Stanley Stella is another very cool brand in our collection. Their Cultivator Zip-Thru Hoodie should be your go-to choice for a zipped hood. It's a classic, done right. At 350gsm, it will see you through the seasons and is made with organic cotton and recycled polyester so you can feel good with this garm on your bod. 

    Stanley Stella Cultivator Hoodie | Custom Embroidered Hoodies

Stanley Stella Slammer Aged Dip Dye Hoodie

  • Go all out for your custom embroidered hoodie and spice things up with this sick dip-dyed number from Stanley Stella. You could go subtle and let the dip-dye shine with colour-matched threads that catch the light. Or choose a bright contrasting colour for something wildly different. This hoodie is also 350gsm and made with 100% organic cotton. 

Stanely Stella Slammer tie-dye hoodie | Custom Embroidered Hoods


You can check out all our products here.

Want to get stuck into getting your custom embroidered hoodies made? Check out some more info on the embroidery process here, or get a free quote now!



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