Custom Embroidery: Why you should choose embroidery & 3 tips on how to execute it to perfection

Custom Embroidery: Why you should choose embroidery & 3 tips on how to execute it to perfection

Woohoo! You've finally decided to get that custom merch done. While there are many ways to make your mark on some sweet new apparel, custom embroidery is a fantastic way to go. Embroidery is a technique that sews coloured thread into the garment to create a textured design. The thread sits on top of the garment fabric and has a three-dimensionality to it.


Why Should You Choose Custom Embroidery?

  • Ages Well

I'm sure at some point searching through the back of your wardrobe or your parent's closet, you've stumbled upon an old, sun-bleached, misshapen cap with an embroidered design on the front. This cap isn't ready for the bin yet, just itching to be reintroduced as a vintage piece into your wardrobe. Custom embroidery is a hard-wearing, durable decoration technique that ages well with the garment, ensuring that your custom merch will stick around for years to come. 


  • Timeless and classy

Custom Embroidery isn't going to go out of fashion. If my Dad's favourite cap from travelling in the 70s, high fashion brands like Prada and Comme des Garcon, and popular streetwear brands like Nike all feature custom embroidery, then it's pretty safe to say it's always going to be an excellent option for your own merchandise. You can't go wrong with stitching!


  • Versatile 

Embroidery works on a vast assortment of garments, so whatever you're after, it's probably possible! Though fantastic in its own way, screenprinting often isn't suitable for items such as hats and socks because the fabric's weave is too loose to hold the print over time. This is where custom embroidery is perfect. Caps? Great. Beanie? Nice choice. Socks? Slick! Hoodie? Tshirt? Can do! Because of its ability to go on almost every garment, custom embroidery can help you create a super consistent set of merchandise.


  • Go crazy with colour!

Embroidery is a fantastic option for high colour art; there's virtually no limit! Screenprinting costs go up with each new colour added, but this is not the case with custom embroidery. The machine and specialist embroidery technicians can weave all your gloriously coloured threads together into your perfect design. Let your creativity shine!



3 Tips for Perfectly Executed Custom Embroidery


1: K.I.S.S

Keep it Simple Stupid! (Remember this from primary school?) Well, they weren't lying! The best custom embroidery designs are simple. Each thread is visible in the final outcome, making super intricate details challenging to execute. This is why embroidery is often used for logos and text.

Parrotdog Brewing Custom Embroidered Crew

Custom Embroidered Logo Crewneck for Parrotdog Brewing.

2: Sizing is Important 

Though not impossible, a giant full-back t-shirt design is not the way to go when creating your custom embroidery. Not only will it take a bloody long time to make, but it'll also be eye-wateringly expensive. (Screenprinting, on the other hand, is perfect for this kind of artwork size. If you would like to find out more, check out this article.) We have discovered the best size for your custom embroidery is between 60 - 120mm wide. This is a pretty classic size and what you might picture on a t-shirt pocket or front of a cap. If text features in your design, make sure the letters are at least 6mm high to be legible.

custom embroidered socks 3 colour
3-colour custom embroidered socks for Serato.

3: Consider Fabric Choice 

To create the best-looking merch possible, you might want to consider the kind of fabric and garment your design is being embroidered on. Yes, it will pretty much work on all garments (with a few exceptions like wet weather gear), however heavier weight fabrics provide a better base for the stitching. Thinner material can sometimes cause pulling around the design and may not sit as flat. To combat this, increase the gsm on the tees, go for a polo, add the hats or socks... the options are endless!

Beanie Custom Embroidery

Custom Beanie Embroidery for EMTY.

 Some of our favourite picks for custom embroidery are:

AS Colour Relax Socks 
as colour relax socks pink for custom embroidery
AS Colour Cord Cap
as colour cord cap green for custom embroidery
Stanley Stella Freestyler T-Shirt
Stanley Stella freestyler tshirt black for custom embroidery


You can check out all our products here.


Now you've got our tips and tricks for getting the best custom embroidery in the game! We can't wait to see what sick designs you come up with. 

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