Fast 15 with Sophie McDonagh

1. What is your role at The Print Room?
Embroidery tech

2.Shoot a portrait of yourself

3. Shoot your workspace
I couldn't find pictures of my workspace, only my view haha!

4. What are your hobbies
I love art and craft of all kinds and spend most weekends trawling secondhand shops, often for materials for some project.

5. What's your favourite part of the working day?
Getting here in the morning and being productive while it's still early.
6. What’s your go-to coffee?
Decaf Oat F/W
7. What's your all time favourite album?
Tough choice but Moon Safari, by Air

8. Your life long dream?
To own and run a reliable, affordable, mixed-use creative space for artists, musicians, and makers.

9. What are you doing to help the environment?
I mostly avoid animal products and try to spend my money with local and more sustainable businesses.

10. A pic of you with your favourite plant
Love a huge rhododendron, and also any plant that makes food.

11. What were you doing before TPR & What brought you here?
I studied printmaking at art school and then spent 4 years in various embroidery jobs before finding my way here. TPR's reputation for doing the best work in the biz is what drew me to work here!

12. Shoot something that makes you happy
I get a disproportionate amount of joy from seeing things on the wrong shelf at the supermarket

13. If the borders were to open tomorrow and you could go to one country where would it be and why?
Australia to visit my big sister.

14. You’re having a dinner party at your house what do you make?
On short notice, some kind of risotto, with a bit more prep time, my awesome mushroom herb tart.

15. You’re allowed 3 famous guests at this dinner party who are they and why?
Rosie Lee Tompkins, Felix Gonzales-Torres, and Anni Albers, all artists whose work I admire, and who seem like they'd make good dinner guests.

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