Firstly, thanks for considering using Print Room to create your school leavers’ gear. We can’t wait to work with you to create memorable leavers’ gear that students will love to wear for years to come. We want to make creating and ordering as simple as possible. This Welcome Doc will walk you through each step of the ordering process and answer many frequently asked questions. For further information, please check out our FAQs here or email one of our team.


What’s in the doc?

  1. 1. Timeline and ordering process
  2. 2. Our designs and supplying your own
  3. 3. Lending of samples
    4. Custom names
    5. Proof approval
    6. Different ways to order
  4. 7. Shipping and receiving orders
    8. Late orders and re-orders
    9. Any more questions?

1. Timeline and ordering process

2. Our designs and supplying your own

We offer a wide range of template designs. These designs can be customised with your school name, motto, year and crest. We’ll create a visual mock-up for you displaying your designs. This is a free service and is part of the package of working with us. If you want to use a design you have created or a school crest that’s fine too.


Print sizes:

The maximum screen print area is 360mm wide x 450mm high, but the print size is often dependent on the smallest garment in the order.


File types


  • Embroidery: we can accept any file type
  • Screen print or Supacolour: Ideally a vector file in the format of a PDF, .AI or .EPS.


If you do not have these formats, don’t worry, we can redraw the design for you in the correct format. However, depending on the complexity of the design, there might be a charge for this.

3. Lending of samples

We know the importance of ensuring the hoodie or garment fits you well. That is why we offer free samples to have on-site at school for students to try on for size before they place their order.


Once you have finalised the garment(s) your school will use, we will send you a range of sizes in your chosen garment(s). Each student can try on the same hoodie brand, style and size they’ll receive for their order.


Please look after these samples. In most cases, the samples are brand new, and once you are finished with them, we will send a return courier ticket to return them to us.


Please make sure all students try their garment on before ordering. We are not responsible for students ordering the wrong size.

4. Custom names

We offer free custom names on all hoodies, sweaters, and rugby jerseys. The maximum number of characters per name is 13, including spaces. We usually use Bebas for the font because it fits the garment more easily. The custom name will always be in UPPERCASE, regardless of how you type it in.


We copy and paste the custom name directly from the spreadsheet or online store, so please double-check the spelling of your custom name when you enter it. You can enter your name in another language; just copy and paste it into the sheet or online store.


A school teacher must approve all custom names before proceeding to production.

4. Proof

We offer three free visual mockups. We’ll need to charge for additional mockups beyond these three, as this creates more work for our team. The mockup includes the garment, garment colour and design. Once you are happy with your mockup, we’ll send the .pdf via our digital e-sign for you to sign and return online.


Once the orders are finalised, we send a design proof that includes the quantities and sizes and a full list of custom names to be approved by a teacher. We’ll email this to your nominated teacher via our e-sign system.

6. Different ways to order

There are two ways to order, the online store and Google spreadsheet. Both options are free.


The online store is open for two weeks, and students order and pay Print Room directly.


The Google Sheet is shared with students so they can enter their order and custom name. Once completed, we’ll email an invoice to the school office so they can pay in full.


If you have a design with the year group names inside of it (like a 24) we will send you a Google spreadsheet to enter the year group’s names if required for the design.

7. Shipping and receiving orders

When your order’s production is complete, we will send it to your school. We include a spreadsheet with a list of order details so they can be distributed to the right students.


We can send orders to individual addresses for an extra $10 per student, which covers shipping and handling.

8. Late orders and re-orders

It is really important to make sure all of the students have placed their orders before finalising your order. We suggest even asking any teachers if they wish to purchase a garment. Due to the time it takes to set up the screens for your job, it is really expensive to produce 1 or 2 garments after the rest of the orders have been completed.


It can cost anywhere from $100-$200 for one late ordered garment to be produced, hence why we cannot emphasise enough the importance of ensuring all students have ordered before finalising the order.

9. Any more questions?

Thank you for taking the time to read through our Welcome Doc. If you have any further questions, please see our FAQ page or feel free to ask one of our friendly team.


We can’t wait to create the best quality leavers gear for you and your school.



The Print Room crew