Fast Fifteen: Zoe Hart

In the Fast Fifteen series we introduce The Print Room staff by asking them a quick round of fifteen questions so you can get to know our crew a little better. 

For our first installment we kick things off with the jack of all trades Zoe Hart! 

1. Show us a portrait of you
Zoe Hart | The Print Room

2. What is your role at The Print Room?

Most of the time you’ll find me in the dispatch room or helping Tom and Josh out in the screen printing room.

3. What are your hobbies?
My hobbies include, painting, film photography, animation and skateboarding!

4. Show us a pic of your workspace

Zoe Hart Workspace

5. Whats your favourite part of the working day?
Best part of the working day is choosing the tunes for the screen printing room and discovering new music from what everyone else plays!

6. What’s your go to coffee?

Oat Latte (large) always.

7. Whats your all time favourite album?

A New Place 2 Drown - Archy Marshall 

8. Your life long dream?
My lifelong dreams tend to change every year but living in a cottage by the beach while remotely working for a band doing all their design and artwork sounds pretty good to me.

9. What are you doing to help the environment?
I’m vegan so the dairy and meat industries get no help from me, I haven’t bought a piece of new clothing in over a year, only second hand and I don’t have a car, pretty sure my skateboard doesn’t produce carbon monoxide.

10. Show us a pic of your favourite plant!

Zoe Hart's Favourite Plant


11. What were you doing before TPR & What brought you here?
I am studying Bachelor of Communication Design at Otago Polytechnic, I got the job around half way through my second year, and I’m currently in my third year. I got the opportunity to work at The Print Room through one of my lecturers! 

12. Show us a pic of something that makes you happy!

Something that makes Zoe happy - cat in Auckland

This cat I saw once in AKL.

13. If the boarders were to open tomorrow and you could go to one country where would it be and why?
Japan! I’ve always wanted to go, I love Japanese culture so much, ever since I went to a Japanese film festival as a kid. 

14. You’re having a dinner a party your house what do you make?
My speciality is vegan butter chicken, so yes no butter no chicken but still yum!! 

15. You’re allowed 3 famous guests at this dinner party who are they?
Archy Marshall, Jean-Michel Basquiat and David Attenborough. 

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