7 Easy Steps to Ordering your School Leavers Gear

7 Easy Steps to Ordering your School Leavers Gear

Congratulations! You've done it. You have almost reached the end of High School, and this is a big deal! Repping your School Leavers Gear is a right of passage for graduating Year 13's and a way to let everyone know you're the big dogs on campus. These garments signify the end of your compulsory schooling and will be treasured for years to come. Whatever garment, style, or design you want, we've got you covered. It may seem a bit daunting to organise initially, but these 7 easy steps will make ordering your School Leavers Gear a breeze.

School Leavers Gear NZ


Step 1: Browse our School Leavers Gear Products 

We have an extensive product range to make all your School Leavers Gear dreams come true. From classic hoodies to unique American Football style jerseys to custom embroidered socks, the world is your oyster! We have the hookups to whatever you desire to represent your graduating cohort, with many options that consider style, price-point, and sustainability. You check out our full range of products for Leavers Gear here, but we have also picked our favourites to give you some inspo.


Our Most Popular School Leavers Gear Hoodie - AS Colour Stencil Hoodie.

AS Colour Stencil Hoodie | School Leavers Gear NZ

Big Environmentally-friendly vibes - Earth Positive EP51P Hoodie

Step 2: Choose Your School Leavers Gear Design 

Now you've got your garment; the next step is to choose your design. Are you into something small and subtle? Or something bold and classic? If you don't know, that's okay! To take the hard work out of this process, we have created a list of 48 designs to choose from here. 


Here are some of our favourites.

Subtle and cool 

Classic American style 

School Leavers Gear desing option NZ
School Leavers Gear design option NZ
School Leavers Gear design option NZ

If none of these tickle your fancy, or you want something extremely unique, feel free to use your school crest or create your own art!

3: Choose your School Leavers Gear Decoration Type

Each print method has a different look and feel, so this is a key choice in creating your dream School Leavers Gear. Depending on your garment and design, some options will work better than others. There are 8 options; screenprinting, embroidery, supacolour, applique, embroidered patches, woven patches, dye-sublimated patches, and custom made. If you're feeling overwhelmed do not stress! Here's a short breakdown of our top 3 picks to make it easy for you.  


Screenprinting: The most common form of branding because it looks great, is affordable, and works for any size design. Our master screen-printer Tom will make sure no drop of ink is out of place for the slickest Leavers Gear yet!

Screenprinted tshirt NZ | Southsides


Embroidery: Another classic branding option. It's timeless, hardwearing and looks bloody good (if we say so ourselves!) Embroidery can go on literally any garment so it's perfect for a cohesive set of Leavers Gear.  

Embroidery cap | School Leavers Gear NZ 

Applique: The go-to for that classic American College look. The pieces of material sewn onto the garment are raised, which creates some sweet texture for an extra little somethin' somethin'. 

Applique printing method | School Leavers Gear NZ

More information on other decoration options can be found here.


4: Try on our FREE School Leavers Gear samples! 

We want your School Leavers Gear to be the best it can be, and that means getting the right size for you! We will send you a bunch of sizes of your chosen garment, try them on, get a feel for the fit and sizing, then make your choice. It's important you take up this opportunity as we cannot print more after the order is complete and do not take responsibility for students ordering the wrong size. The last thing is to send them back with the courier ticket provided (otherwise they will no longer be free samples!) 


5: Place Your School Leavers Gear Order

There are two simple ways to place your School Leavers Gear order: Online store or Google Form.

If you choose the Online Store, we will set that up on Shopify for you and all you have to do is send the link out. The payment goes directly from the student to us, cutting out the middle man.

The Google Form is equally as simple. We will also set this up for you and send it to the organiser for each student to fill out. The form may be the better option if you want an overview of your School Leavers Gear order, or your school wants the final say over custom names. 

Both are easy so go with whatever your heart desires!


6: Approval of Your School Leavers Gear Order

It may seem like a lot to digest, but you're almost there. We will send you a proof of your School Leavers Gear order for you to make sure everything is right; it's the last chance! 

Are all these things correct?

  • Type of Garment 
  • Artwork 
  • Correct Spelling of School and Custom Names 
  • Order Quantity

If everything is looking good, give it the stamp of approval and we'll get your order underway, yew! 


7: Rep your School Leavers Gear! 

The last step is to rep your sick new School Leavers Gear! Your completed garments will be sent to your school for everyone to collect. The earlier you order, the earlier you'll get your garms, and the earlier you can wear. Plus you may also be eligible for an early-bird discount! If that's not enticing, I don't know what is. With a huge range of customisations available, we hope your School Leavers Gear will be everything you want! 

School Leavers Gear NZ 

To get started on your School Leavers Gear order, get a free quote here.

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