Leavers Gear Designs Ready for Your 2021 Order

2019 School Leavers Gear Designs

Artwork design can make or break your Leavers Gear, that's why we've helped you by creating designs that we can customise for your school this year. Sometimes it's nice to use your school crest and other times a change is good, our expert team will work with you to bring your Leavers Gear ideas to life.
Customised school Leavers Gear designs

We have created 48 different designs for you to choose from. You simply fill out our Leavers Gear Instant Quote form and take your pick of the designs on offer. Then you tell us how you would like these Leaver Gear design customised and we create visual mockup's for you. Our expert design team can then customise the design colours, text and layout to suit your school's needs. 

School Leavers Custom design New Zealand 2019


Below is a small selection of Leavers Gear we did last year, see here for more. Timaru Girls' used their school crest on an AS Colour Boxed Crew. Awatapu uses a mixture of their crest and out designs on an Aurora Hoodie with contrast white cord and hood lining. 

School Leavers Gear 2019 NZ

To see the full range of our 2021 Leavers Gear Designs click here. If you have a design you have seen before, simply send us a photo and we may be able to re-create it or use it and design a custom design for your school, the opportunities are endless. 

Custom School Leavers Gear Screen printing and embroidery College 

Seen enough? For everything, Leavers Gear related click here to start your job. Our Leavers Gear website has everything from walkthrough videos, template designs, print methods a full selection of garments as well as our instant quote page. We look forward to creating your gear soon! 

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