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Custom Pencils Promotional Products NZ

Promotional products often get a bad wrap. We've all received a cheap promo product from an event or business that is ugly, useless and leaves you wondering why a brand would even bother putting their logo on a throwaway item like this. 

 Custom Embroidered Patches on Cap

Brands continue to persevere by offering cheap pens, terrible fitting caps and poorly made t-shirts. The market for promotional products is growing as more brands try to find different ways to connect with customers. We all need to be better to ensure that the products we're offering customers are considered, made ethically, and worth receiving. 


We're here to make a positive change in our industry. Our approach is simple, create products that people would like to receive. 

 Custom Promotional Products NZ

If the products we create for our clients are high quality and beautiful, people will want to keep them. If these products last for a long time, your brand will continue to stay top of mind. We want to create merch that will make your brand sing and will hang around for a long time rather than quickly ending up in a landfill. 

 Custom Made Socks NZ

Our tips for creating meaningful custom merch:

  1. Focus on quality over quantity
  2. Source products people would actually like to receive
  3. Source products that are made to last
  4. Design products that will fit into people's lives

 Custom Enamel Pins NZ

We offer a range of off the shelf promotional products that can be customised by adding your logo to them, or if you have more time up your sleeve and can meet the minimum order quantities, we can create bespoke custom merchandise to meet your needs. 

 Custom Tote Bags NZ

Generally, for bespoke custom merch, the minimum order quantities start at 250-500 pcs of the same designs, size, & colourway of a product. Depending on the size/weight of the product you're creating, we may air freight orders from one of our offshore partner factories, or if it is a larger or heavier product, we will generally sea freight orders to New Zealand. These can quickly be shipped via airfreight for an item like soft enamel pins. The lead time for a product like this is usually 4-6 weeks because of this. Whereas, items such as custom socks or custom printed notebooks take up more space and are much heavier, so they are shipped via sea freight due to the price to ship via air freight being cost-prohibitive. For sea freight orders, a general lead time to create the product to the time you receive the order is roughly 12-14 weeks. More and more of our clients are looking for promotional products that will stand out from the sea of promotional products and will connect with their customers. If you have a specific product in mind that you know will need to be entirely custom made, it is worth factoring in the long lead times into your purchasing planning to ensure that you have products here to meet any deadlines. 

 Indigo & Provisions Custom Acme Mug

Whether you are looking for a nice pen to give to your customers, new caps for your team, or custom branded drink bottles, we have an off the shelf or a bespoke option to meet your needs. Remember to keep it simple, focus on quality over quantity and create products that will fit into people's everyday lives, and you will be on the right road to make meaningful merch that will let your brand shine. 

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