Q&A with Dane from Goodlids Hemp Caps & T-shirts

Q&A with Dane from Goodlids Hemp Caps & T-shirts

We caught up with Dan from Goodlids to get the run down on his business Goodlids. The Kiwi brand creates hemp headwear & t-shirts that feature vintage styled embroidery or screen printed designs. Hemp is one of the strongest natural fibres in the world and has over 50,000 uses. The natural fibre is anti-microbial, highly breathable and wears really well over time, perfect then for making your favourite cap or t-shirt. Dane seems to be onto a winning formula! 

In nutshell, what is Goodlids?

Goodlids is a hemp hat brand! We make hats that are nice for your head and good for the planet!

Goodlids Hemp Caps & Tshirts

- How did Goodlids come about and where did the passion to start your own brand come from?

Goodlids was born out of a passion to do good things and have fun! I noticed that there weren't too many cool hats out there, that were made with considered materials. So I set about going to work, and the real breakthrough was finding out about the sustainable properties of hemp!

- Why Hemp, seems too good to be true?

I know right?! Hemp's a bit of a super-plant for sure. The plant itself has heaps of planet-friendly functions: It sequesters over four times the amount of carbon than trees and helps to enrich the soil beneath it with nutrients. As a textile, it's really breathable and incredibly durable. It feels a lot like linen so it's really nice to wear!

Goodlids Hemp Tshirt with Waterbased Screenprint

- Recently you had some tees printed at The Print Room, why did you choose The Print Room if you don't mind me asking?

Yeah we did! We reached out to the team to get our hemp tees printed, and to be honest, we were sort of getting a feel for who we wanted to work with. Chris called me pretty much as soon as I emailed him and expressed how much he loved hemp, and how The Print Room's water-based inks would be perfect for our tees! I loved that Chris shared my passion for hemp and after doing my research on the water-based inks, I was fully sold!

- Where are you based these days? 

We're based up in Auckland! We have a little warehouse and office in Meadowbank which is great! We're working on bringing some pop-up stores to different locations around NZ too! We have a big customer base in Dunedin, so keep an eye out!

 Goodlids Hemp Caps & Tshirts

- Looking forward, where do you see Goodlids going in the future – world domination or more of a work-life balance type of situation?

Haha great question! If Goodlids grows to be a global brand, then I think that can only be a good thing, with the values that we have. So the plan is to keep on keeping on and take Goodlids to the world!

Go check out Goodlids range here


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