Custom sewn and embroidered socks

Custom sewn and embroidered socks

Here at The Print Room we really do rate a good sock. Although we love a good uniform and creating uniforms for businesses, an individual should always be allowed to wear their sock of choice. We feel custom socks are a perfect branded piece of merchandise for any brand or business as everyone has feet and most of us have 10 toes to keep snug. Below are a few pointers on where to start your sock making journey. 


Custom embroidered merino socks nz


Embroidery on standard off the shelf socks

The easiest way to customise and brand socks is to add embroidery to standard, off the shelf socks. There are a range of different styles of ‘standard’ socks that we supply, including socks from AS Colour, Gildan, as well as our own New Zealand made sock that we produce locally and embroider in house.

If you are intending to do a small run of  20 - 50 pairs of socks, embroidery would be the most economical way to create custom branded socks for your brand, business or organisation.


Embroidered Socks NZ


The placement of the embroidery on a sock is limited as we need to be able to get our embroidery hoop inside the sock during production. Therefore, the best place to brand the sock with embroidery is on the upper ankle, usually, this is on the side, but it can be done on the front or back too. The size of the embroidery can be up to 40mm in width and 35mm in height. There are limitations when designing a file that is to be embroidered 30mm or smaller. For instance, any text smaller than 5mm in height will not be legible. To find out whether your design will look good on an embroidered sock, click here and our expert team can advise whether this will stitch out alright. 



Custom Branded Socks NZ



Fully customised sewn sock

If you want a sock that truly matches your branding and business, then this is the option for you. Our fully customised socks allow you to have full control of the design, from ankle to toe. 

We pride ourselves on making high-quality products that people love to wear and talk about and our 100% locally sourced, customised merino sock is exactly that. We also produce a New Zealand made 100% cotton sock. These New Zealand made socks have a minimum order quantity of 250 pairs in up to three sizes. The most common sizes are US 4 - 8 and 9 - 13.

Custom sewn sock 100% cotton

The minimum number of customised socks you can order is 250 pairs, these socks are made in Australia and China. These socks are really price competitive and take between 10 - 14 weeks to produce. With all of our sock orders, we provide a finished sample that we send to you prior to production, this makes sure you are 100% happy with the product.

 Interested in any of these products? Click here to get a free quote.  

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