Case Study: Maimoa Creative Tea Towels

Maimoa Creative Screen Printed Tea Towels

The Project:

We were stoked when Aroha Tamihana from Maimoa Creative reached out to us to help bring her Parāoa Parai (Frybread) recipe to life in the form of screen-printed tea towels. Maimoa Creative is a design studio based in Tauranga that is passionate about promoting the Māori language and culture through unique designs, products and resources. Aroha's creative studio aims to help normalise the use of te reo Māori in everyday life. We had already stumbled across Maimoa Creative's excellent Instagram account (we highly recommend you give it a follow), so you can imagine the excitement levels in the office when we saw the quote request come into our inbox!  

Maimoa Creative Screen Printed Tea Towels

The Solution:

Upon seeing the final design, we knew these tea towels would be a hit, described as a no-fail Parāoa Parai recipe that will get perfect results every time! The hand-illustrated recipe featured on the tea towels was created by Aroha and shared with her audience during the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown in 2021. We screen printed the tea towels with our OEKO certified water-based inks onto natural coloured cotton tea towels. The artwork's colour scheme features white, ice blue (PMS 324C), dark grey (PMS Cool Grey 11C) & light ochre (PMS 156C) and works beautifully on the natural cotton of the tea towel. We also individually folded and wrapped the tea towels in a recycled cardboard sleeve to be ready for sale. 

There are several options on the Maimoa Creative website for customers to purchase their favourite way of using/displaying the tea towels: 

Maimoa Creative Custom Printed Tea Towel
  1. Standard Tea Towel - Individually folded tea towels wrapped in a recycled cardboard sleeve to dry dishes. 
Maimoa Creative Wall Hanging Tea Towels

2. Tea Towel + Hanger - A limited-edition hanging version of the tea towel has been sewn over two wooden hangers to hang the tea towel with cotton string on the wall.

Maimoa Creative Framed Tea Towel

3. Framed Tea Towel - A professionally framed Parāoa Parai tea towel with a natural wood frame, transforming the humble tea towel into art.

Maimoa Creative - Screen Printed Tea Towel

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