Soy-Based Products

The days of our factory floor smelling like harmful petrochemicals are over. Instead our shelves are stocked with envrionmentally friendly soy-based products.

The details.  

Part of the screen printing process is to create a silk screen with our clients artwork on it and once we are done, we then clean and repossess the screen ready for the next artwork. Therefore there is a lot of time and cleaning products used to remove not only the inks, but the artwork from our screens. This means we use a lot of cleaning products in our industry on a daily basis and to clean up the plastic-based, plastisol ink, requires harmful toxic chemicals. Therefore, when we made the switch to water-based inks, the toxic clean up products and plastisol inks were no longer required and it was time for us to turn to soy-based proucts.

The benefits.

It is easy to see the benefits of using soy-based clean up products. Imagine going from using turps to dishwahing liquid... That's how big of a difference it makes. Our staff are not having to put up with the strong odour of the chemical products, making their job much safer. Our soy-based products are biodegradable and drain safe, meaning we can spend more time printing your next job, rather than removing the chemical waste off-site. In the end it was a simple decision... Move to a safe range of products that are better for the environment, or in other words: Doing the right thing.