Summer Merchandise - Product profiles.

Lately, we've been working on some really nice products for our customers as we work with them to create their custom merchandise for the upcoming Summer. Here's a handful of some of the jobs we think you'll like...



Summer and headwear go together like Winter and nana's knitted sweater. The Finn Five Panel cap by AS Colour are a low profile cap with plenty of room for front, side and back embroidery. We produced these for the coastal inspired New Zealand clothing label, Slacktide Clothing.

Headwear is an awesome option for promotional merchandise as one size fits all, making it an easy gift as you do not need to worry about sizing issues. This job has be embroided using our top of the line Tajima Embroidery machine. With embroidery you have the option to stitch up to twelve colours and most caps have a branding area of 55mm high by 85mm wide.
Supacolour is another option to brand caps and bucket hats. Supacolour is a hybrid of a screen transfer and digital full-colour printing. In short, it allows you to print in full colour with crisp detail, without the outlay of screen setups that screen printing requires.

The Dunedin Sharks Rugby Club.

Slacktide Clothing.

Part Time Rangers.

Tea Towels.

Tea Towels.
Everyone needs a tea towel. There are so many uses for a tea towel. We've printed them with beautifully printed artwork and hung on the wall. I've taken tea towels on picnics to wrap my ceramic mugs. Nana uses hers to put over her scone basket to keep her date scones feeling fresh. Dad rates a dry tea towel when attacking the dish rack, even better, a printed tea towel that provides him with new reading material.

But seriously, they are a sweet option to add your branding to this Summer. Our buddies at Sunday Best created the artwork for this job for Maunganui Holiday Homes. Our M&R Sportsman is a specialist machine that caters for printing extra large screen prints up to 600mm high x 450mm wide, which is ideal for tea towels.

To keep things eco-friendly, we use our Eco inks that are 100% waterbased, which means they are safe to be used around food (including nana's scones). The most popular tea towels colours we screen print on are white, natural and black. But we can offer them in denim and with striped colours.

I know what you're thinking... how much and how many? Our minimum order quantity is 100 units and we've made it super easy to get you pricing for your job by creating a quote generator, click here to pop over and enter your details. Once your job is proofed and approved, we can complete the job in 7 - 10 days.

David Elliot's Flying Whale.

Fundraising Tea Towel for Ranui House.

Spongedrop Cakery.

Tote bags.

Tote Bags.
We love a good tote and whether your customer loves them or not, they now need them. Thanks to Countdown finally jumping on the bandwagon and branding themselves as 'Plastic Bag Free', tote bags are more of an everyday item than ever before.

I find myself with tote bags hidden in my car, on my bike, in my pantry, heck, I have tote bags within tote bags. Since the 'plastic bag free' movement, business' are making the most of this and are adding custom screen printed tote bags to their merchandise as they are no longer a 'want', but a 'need'.

Recently we worked with The Otago Museum to create these masterpieces. We used our ColourShift waterbased inks for these totes that were part of their merchandise range to celebrate their 150 year anniversary.
What is ColourShift? It is an ink we use to create different tones of colours when held in different lights. ColourShift comes in 12 different colours and we offer it in a metallic finish as well as chrome.

The Chocolate Bar.

Mayan Man Tea.

Vintage Waves.

Promotional Products.

Promotional Products.
We try our best to match promotional products with your brand, without the products looking like promo products. The right product matched with the right branding can be a perfect way to market your business.

Households products like, pens, pencils, mugs, and drink bottles work well because your customer will use them on a daily basis. Sunday Best designed this artwork for Holiday Records that were then printed onto stubby coolers.

Some of our 'go to's' are ACME printed coffee mugs with matching a matching plunger, Gold embossed traditional pencils, fully custom dress socks, metal pins, and badges... I could go on and on. There are thousands of products available but we have picked out the best of them and have them waiting for your business' logo. Ask one of our team about a product or to see samples of our range.

Hussey & Laredo.


Scotts Brewing Co.