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Cycle World Dunedin

About Cycle World Dunedin

We don’t just sell bikes...we ride them too.

We love dirt. We love mud. We love roads. We love ramps. We love going fast and jumping high. We love riding. At Cycle World we don’t just sell bikes we ride them too. You can find our crew out everyday of the week in Dunedin on the trails and the roads having fun and riding hard.

Since the shop’s inception, we have been committed to our biking community - our family. Whether you want to ride for fun with your mates and family, or race hard to win. We are here to help support you and your needs and dreams. Our friendly shop crew range from hardcore mountain bikers, through to elite road cyclists and triathletes, but one thing they all have in common is they love bikes and want to make sure you enjoy your time on your bike as much as physically possible.
The motto, #YourRideYourRules comes up often and it is very true. Come in and meet us, have a coffee, get some advise, test or hire a bike and we promise you will leave with the bike you love and suits your lifestyle.

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