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Aqua Paws

About Aquapaws

Aquapaws Canine Hydrotherapy and Spa is a specialist animal physical therapy and treatment centre based in Dunedin, Otago. Our treatments for stiffness and arthritis in dogs are designed to help to reduce pain in older dogs and improve their mobility and level of fitness. This enables them to stay more active as they age. Hydrotherapy is also highly beneficial for the rehabilitation of dogs following acute injuries or surgery invlolving the joints, ligaments and muscles of the legs, hips and shoulders.

Aquapaws is owned and operated by qualified Hydrotherapist and Registered Veterinary Nurse Krystle Kelly. As New Zealand Ambassador to Canine Arthritis Management, it is Krystle’s aim to promote awareness and around management and care and to provide the best treatment for canine osteoarthritis and other forms of arthritis in dogs.

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