New Shop Who Dis?

New Shop Who Dis?

It's been a busy past year for Print Room - if you've not already realised, we have moved! If anyone had been to our old shop in Kaikorai Valley, you would know the slight chaos that ensued every time we tried to pack out an order. So many garments, not enough surfaces! A new space has been in the works for years, but we've finally bit the bullet. You can now find us at 21 Grosvenor St, Kensington, South Dunedin. The new space is over double the size, all on one level, and much more fit for purpose. 

The process started by painting the floors and walls to give it a refresh. Then Chris and Josh whipped out their building muscles and built some internal walls that became the embroidery room, dark room and all the benches for inwards, dispatch, ink mixing, and the supacolour pressing station. 

One of the most exciting things was getting our new 14-head screenprinting machine, 'The Cobra', in! Upgrading from 8 heads to 14 means we can print higher colour jobs and larger quantities. Our new 10m long forced air drier has also streamlined the whole process from printing to dispatch. 

Moving out of the old shop wasn't an easy task, however. Five years of machinery, clothing, office equipment, documents and more had to be cleaned up and moved. And right in the middle of this Chris had his second kid! It was a huge team effort that took many weeks, but we're absolutely stoked to be here.

We still have some tidying up to make this the best Print Room space ever, but it's definitely coming along! The next exciting addition will be The Smoko Room - a place to house our new refurbished coffee machine, kegorator, record player, and be a place to hang out, meet clients and host events. When the warmer weather creeps in again, we'll pull the roller door up, move the wheely bench seats over and enjoy the sunshine.

Print Room NZ Embroidery Machine

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