How to customise your t-shirt with woven labels and neck-tag printing

Using customised neck tags, woven sewn neck tags or woven pips are all ways to finish a garment to create a memorable experience for your customer. There is a range of ways to complete this process, and luckily for you, The Print Room can take care of all of your branding needs in-house.  We a range of finishes including neck-tag artwork creation, neck-tag printing, production of woven tags and pips, and removing the old tags and sewing in the new ones. 


Relabelling is a service we provide to remove the manufacturer's label from the garment and add either; a custom woven label, or custom printed neck tag. This is a great way to set your brand apart from others and it leaves you with a fully customised garment.

When adding your own neck tag it's important to keep the care instructions as well as where the garment is made. We can take care of the whole process for you, from neck tag removal to the printing of your new neck tags, or the manufacturing and sewing in of customised woven neck tags.


This is where we remove the garment manufacturer's label and add a custom screen print in its place. The print includes your brand/logo, the garment size, care/wash instructions and where the garment is made. We can screen print the neck tags in one colour with a maximum print area of 80mm wide x 100mm high. The minimum order quantity for screen printed neck tags is 50 units, within this 50, you'll get a range of sizes to make up your order.

Custom Woven Neck Tags NZ


We can manufacture and sew in custom woven labels and pips for you. We have a minimum of 500 labels per design at a certain size, and have a lead time of 4 weeks. We have a minimum order quantity of 50 units for all products that require relabelling, the surplus neck tags we've created we keep for future runs or give to you to hold on to.

We can produce woven labels for t-shirts, sweaters, pants, jackets, caps, beanies and bags. The maximum size is 100mm x 100mm and you can be up to 12 colours. It's important that you keep the garment care instructions, if these are separate from the manufacturer's product label, they can be re-sewn back into the garment, either in the neck or side seam, or you can produce your own.

The most common practice is to keep the care instructions and replace the brand label with your own custom woven label. Alternatively, we can remove the care label and add it into the side seam and then add your woven label to the neck of the garment.

Woven labels look great on knit beanies, especially if you have lots of fine detail that is too fine for embroidery. Otherwise, embroidered patches that are then sewn onto beanies and caps can look very smart.

Woven Pips Custom Labels NZ | The Print Room 



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